Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ogden is moving forward in a positive direction.

The following actions were taking at our City Council Meeting. (1)There was a charter signed between Weber State University and Ogden City to become a "College Town" and to work together in the following areas: Education, Economic, Community Events, Cultural Events, and by working together to develop a better way of life and opportunities for the students and citizens of Ogden. (2) The purchase of the property at 18th and Gibbons Ave. next to the Ogden River. This will protect the river and all that hard work that has been done to the river. (3)A developer is interested in the property at Union Square. This will help in the concept of Ogden to become a more walkable town and it will add to the 25th street. (4)The project for the 2300 Fouler Ave. that will assist with the development of the East Central District. As you can see, their are a lot of things developing in Ogden. We are moving in the positive direction. I want to hear from you. I want to hear about your ideas and concerns. Councilman Doug Stephens

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I want to hear from you so contact me Councilman Doug Stephens

I do want to hear from you. I want to know your concerns, success,your ideas, and what needs to be done. You can call me at (801)393-9796 or email or use facebook or the Blog. As you know I am running of Re-Election to the Ogden City Council. I have a productive, positive and progressive program for Ogden city. If want help my campaign in any way, call or I can visit with you. If you want a sign, handout flyers or donate let me know. Thanks for all your support. Working together, we can move Ogden in the right direction. Councilman Doug Stephens

What is happening in Ogden

There are many things that is happening on Ogden. Saturday,Sept 28th is the last day for the farmer's market. This is a great event for our city and I want to thank all those who had any part in this event. Also, on Saturday, the Harvest Moon had their event on Historical 25th Street. This week is Homecoming for Weber State Universey. The Universey has many events schedule for example, we had a pep rally at the Junction on Monday Sept.23rd. It is important to support all the events that are happening in Ogden and we need to support Weber State Universey events. I feel that Weber will win on Saturday. Go Wildcats. My goal is make Ogden a College town.

32nd Street Pedestrian Corridor

On Sept. 17th the City Council had a fact finding meeting at Mt. Ogden Jr. high to review the 32nd Street Pedestian and Sidewalk Corridor. Justin Anderson, made a presentation of several options that could be considered. Justin said that we are here to receive comments, ideas, and concerns for the citizens. Justin said, that we haven't made any plans at this time, but are here receive the citizens comments. The meeting is a starting place. I felt that the objective of the meeting was (1) Receive information about the corridor and (2) To review that safety for the kids going to the schools and other citizens that would be useing and visiting the area around 32nd street and Tyler Avenue. This corridor has several areas of concerns. (1)32nd Street above Harrison Blvd. (2)Tyler Avenue (3)32nd street below Harrison Blvd.(4)The develop a safe path to Wasatch Elementry Schools. I would encourage of residents to provide their ideas and concerns to the city. If you want more information, you can contact me. Councilman Doug Stephens Ogden City Council.

Secondary Water in Ogden

At a work session with the Ogden City Council, Weber Basin and Pineview Water presented the outlook on secondary water for Ogden. They said that south of the Ogden River, secondary water would not happen. There several reasons for this and that is (1)It would be too expensive for add any more lines south of the Ogden River because we are built-out, (2) Those coming on to the secondary water system would have to have water shares to give to Weber Basin or Pineview. They said that the area north of the river could be developed for secondary water because of the irrigation companies located in that area. I am working with pineview water and our irrigation company to see if this could be done. This would be a large project to develop and the citizens would have see if they would be willing to give up their water shares and have the expense of secondary water. They said also that in the future, secondary will be metered.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Work Session with Weber State University, Aug. 15, 2013

We had a productive work session with Weber State University.  It is necessary that Ogden City and Weber State University understand the different programs, and objectives to work jointly to achieve what is beneficial for all.  We are developing a strong partnership between Ogden City and Weber State.

Here are some of the topics that was reviewed at the work session.

1.     Weber State content on Channel 17.
        There are several legal matters that need to be worked out between Ogden City and Weber State.  The guidelines for both the city and the university are necessary for the protection of both.  There some topic that. can be on Channel 17 and some that would not work.  Ogden City, along with the help of Bill Francis of Channel 17, will work with Weber State for items that can be produced.  One suggestion is to put the events that is going on at the University so the citizens of will know what is happening with Weber State.  The objective is to develop a feeling with the citizens of Ogden that the university is part of our city and can all support and benefit from the event.

2.     Transit Corridor study.
        Ogden City, Weber State University and McKay Dee Hospital are stakeholder is developing a transportation program that will be beneficial for whole area of Weber County.  Our Transportation Master Plan needs to address what transportation will be like for the present and future.  Ogden City is working with UTA to improve the bus stops along the routes.  The new bus 605 is becoming very effective to move riders from the Hub to Weber State University with fewer stops and quicker service.  Transportation plan is very important to me.

3.     Promise Neighborhoods.
        The objective of this program is to prepare the students in the Ogden School District for the opportunity to attend a Trade Tech College, a University or College upon completing their formal education.  This program is through a grant from the Dept. of Education and is administered by the United Way along with a private group Ogden United.  The plan is to develop a pilot program at the James Madison school.  Because of the budget cuts from the federal government, the program could begin in the year 2014 or 2015.  To me education is essential to develop and bring new business opportunities to our city.  For the economic prosperity and employment opportunities we need educated and trained citizens.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at (801) 393-9796 or write your comments on face book.  If you are interested to contribute or help in any way contact me.  For any donation, Make Checks to the Re-Elect Doug Stephens Ogden City and mail it to 1131 16th Street Ogden, Utah 84404
Any donation or help is very much appreciated.  Councilman Doug Stephens, Ogden City Council.