Tuesday, September 24, 2013

32nd Street Pedestrian Corridor

On Sept. 17th the City Council had a fact finding meeting at Mt. Ogden Jr. high to review the 32nd Street Pedestian and Sidewalk Corridor. Justin Anderson, made a presentation of several options that could be considered. Justin said that we are here to receive comments, ideas, and concerns for the citizens. Justin said, that we haven't made any plans at this time, but are here receive the citizens comments. The meeting is a starting place. I felt that the objective of the meeting was (1) Receive information about the corridor and (2) To review that safety for the kids going to the schools and other citizens that would be useing and visiting the area around 32nd street and Tyler Avenue. This corridor has several areas of concerns. (1)32nd Street above Harrison Blvd. (2)Tyler Avenue (3)32nd street below Harrison Blvd.(4)The develop a safe path to Wasatch Elementry Schools. I would encourage of residents to provide their ideas and concerns to the city. If you want more information, you can contact me. Councilman Doug Stephens Ogden City Council.

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