Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ogden is moving forward in a positive direction.

The following actions were taking at our City Council Meeting. (1)There was a charter signed between Weber State University and Ogden City to become a "College Town" and to work together in the following areas: Education, Economic, Community Events, Cultural Events, and by working together to develop a better way of life and opportunities for the students and citizens of Ogden. (2) The purchase of the property at 18th and Gibbons Ave. next to the Ogden River. This will protect the river and all that hard work that has been done to the river. (3)A developer is interested in the property at Union Square. This will help in the concept of Ogden to become a more walkable town and it will add to the 25th street. (4)The project for the 2300 Fouler Ave. that will assist with the development of the East Central District. As you can see, their are a lot of things developing in Ogden. We are moving in the positive direction. I want to hear from you. I want to hear about your ideas and concerns. Councilman Doug Stephens

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